VÖLFEN based in Europe is a manufacturer that offers a line of mobile phone products that are easy to use.  We like to refer to them as Simple Solutions.  Its growth is a testimony to that commitment with its high value product which offers a modern design at prices affordable by all.  The Company’s mission is to continuously grow its production in unlocked GSM phones to satisfy every users’ needs without the costs typical in today’s market.

It has expanded its market into South America, launching their products and services into countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, and Colombia as well as the Central American countries of Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. That expansion has not stopped there and markets have been opened in Mexico,  and Jamaica.

VÖLFEN products and solutions meet the needs of both Millennial and Gen Z consumers in a simple, user-friendly way that is fun. With a combination of knowledge of the marketplace and a sophisticated manufacturing process, VÖLFEN meets the demands of consumers for high-performance smartphones with multiple features to place everything at their fingertips.